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Drive Mechanism

Drive mechanism is force that causes fluid to flow into the reservoir and wellbore flow to the surface. Reservoir drive mechanism can be distinguished by the type of media power booster. In general there are four types of reservoirs drive mechanism :
  1. Solution Gas Drive.
  2. Gas Cap Drive
  3. Water Drive
  4. Combination Drive
 The image above shows the solution gas drive, where the gas is mixed with oil and bring the oil to the surface.
The image above shows the Gas Cap solution, where the gas cap pushed oil to flow to the surface.
The image above shows a water drive, in which water is the driving force of the oil from the reservoir to the surface.
This is a brief description of the drive mechanism, do not forget to always visit this site to get more detailed information, because the article we always update every day. Not to be missed. Thank you for your visit.

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