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Beam Type Pumping Unit (Sucker Rod Pump)

Sucker Rod Pump
Oil field at Los Angles
 Type Beam Pumping Units or Sucker Rod Pump is one method of artificial lift which has been used extensively in the oil field. This equipment can provide up and down motion (reciprocating motion) to the rod string connected to a positive displacement pump in oil wells.

Improvements of this method, as can be seen in the present circumstances, continue to be made by the experts so that it can be more efficient. Improvements made to the entire portion Pumping Unit Bearn especially on heavy duty speed reducers.

By the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). Pumping unit there are three types can be distinguished as follows:

a.  Standard or Conventional Type.
In this type of walking beam prop samson post on the middle portion. Pumping unit of this type most widely used in the petroleum industry and is available in an assortment of sizes (there are up to 100 Horse Power).

There are 2 classification of Conventional type pumping unit:
1. Crank Counter Balance System; in this type the counter weight mounted on the crank.
2. Beam Counter Balance System; in this type balancing load ( counter weight ) mounted on walking beam

b.  Low Torque Unit ( Mark II unitorque pumping unit )
In this type, samson post shoring walking beam at the rear end portion. In the framework of the same size, these units typically require fewer Horse Power when compared with conventional type. She is widely used for oil wells are deep and large production. The available sizes do not vary much with the largest to reach 125 Horse Power.

c. Air Balance Unit
In this type pressurized air tubes used instead of the counterweight. Pumping unit is smaller and lighter than other types of units and equipped with air compressor. Made a limited size, but there is at 150 Horse Power.

The design above is necessary in order to keep polished rod can move up and down vertically without great friction in the stuffing box.
     Walking beam supported by samson Post near the center point. Movement provided by the engine crank to the walking beam passed through Pitman.

Step length polished rod (PRSL = Polished Rod Stroke Lenght) is determined by the distance from the bearing to the crank pitman row.

Generally there are three (3) or more positions to adjust PRSL TSB.

Counter balance (counter weight) as a load balancer while riding and when down.

At the time under no load fluid, the pumping units encumbered by a counter balance. So at the time the upstroke and down stroke load on the pumping unit must be fixed (balance).

When the load up and down is not balance, then the pumping unit and the prime mover will be broken.
Sucker Rod Pump
Mark II Unitorque Beam Pump
Lufkin Air Balance Unit
Air Balance Unit

Sucker Rod Pump
Beam Balance Unit

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