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Carbon Compound (Eter/Alcoxi Alkane)

Eter / Alcoxi Alkane
1. General Formula of Eter

Ether or alkoxy alkane is a class of compounds having two alkyl groups bonded to one oxygen atom. Thus ether having the general formula:
wherein R and R 1 is an alkyl group, may not be the same

CH3–CH2–O–CH2–CH3 R = R1 (eter homogen)
CH3–O–CH2–CH2–CH3 R ¹ R1 (eter heterogen)
2. Ether Naming

There are two ways of naming ether compounds, namely:

1) According to IUPAC, ether alkane is named with the prefix "alkoxy" with the following conditions:

- The shortest carbon chains that bind functional groups -O- established as alkoksinya functional groups.

- Longer carbon chains were named for the compound alkananya

2) According to the rules of the trivial, naming ether as follows: The second named

Tabel 3
Ether Naming System
3. Properties of Ether

In contrast to the compounds of alcohols, ethers have the following properties:

1) low boiling point so volatile

2) It is difficult soluble in water, due to the low polarity

3) As a good solvent of organic compounds that do not dissolve in water

4) Flammable

5) In general are toxic

6) As anesthetic (anesthetize)

7) Ether difficult to react, except with a strong acid halide (HI and H Br)
R–O–R1 + HX => R–O–H + RX
With the following provisions:

- Long alkyl groups that make up the alcohol

- Short alkyl groups to form alkyl halides


4. Use of Ether
Ether compounds commonly used in everyday life such as:

1) Diethyl ether (ethoxy ethane) are commonly used as a solvent of organic compounds. Additionally diethyl ether is widely used as an astringent arestesi (anesthetic) in the hospital.

2) MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether)

Ether compound is used to raise the octane number of gasoline replaced the TEL / TML, in order to obtain an environmentally friendly gasoline. Because not generate dust lead (Pb 2 +) when used as TEL / TML.

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