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how to change crude oil into gasoline? Oil and gas refinery process

How to make gasoline
Crude oil is very valuable from ancient times to the present. The entire oil-producing countries are currently being intensively to increase crude oil production, including Indonesia as a country rich in mineral resources and energy. Why is crude oil becomes so highly prized?
Have you ever imagined if this world does not recognize the existence of petroleum? Take a look around us almost all the equipment that we use require fuel. For example: we use cars require gasoline / diesel as fuel. Where the fuel come from? Gasoline is one pruduk derived from crude oil. After processing the crude oil in such a way can be turned into gasoline. The current price of fuel is very expensive, in Indonesia we can buy gasoline at a price of 6500 IDR per liter. This price is subsidized rates from the government of the Republic of Indonesia. In other countries that do not get subsidies from the government, the price of 1 liter of gasoline is very expensive. This is a cause that make crude oil very valuable.
How do I change the crude oil into gasoline?
Produced Crude oil from the well grounded in such a way that apart from impurities such as water, sand, sulfuric acid, carbon dioxide, and heavy metals. This pure crude oil sold by the oil company to the world crude oil refinery company. For example in Indonesia Pertamina EP to produce crude oil from production wells that they have, after the production of crude oil they sell to Pertamina Refinery Unit.
There are several processes in the oil refinery. The first stage is distillation. Distillation is the process of separating compounds based on differences in boiling point hydrocarbons. This process is the most important process. The distillation occurs in a distillation column that is shaped like a tower in which there are bulkhead dividers. Crude oil was initially heated in the furnace before entering the distillation column. Then the crude oil will be separated based on the difference between the boiling point hydrocarbons. The result of this separation that will be processed further into products ready to use. These ready-made products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lubricants, wax, and others.
This is just an outline of how to turn crude oil into gasoline that has a very high resale value. Keep visiting this site to know more about the process of refining process of oil and gas.

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