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Finger Injury

Finger Injury
Almost 85% accident in oil and gas industry are finger injury. It happens because :

  1. Lack of knowledge, some worker do not understand how to prevent finger injury.
  2. Lack of barrier, some barrier do not worked properly.
  3. Unsafe condition, some work place have some unsafe condition (hazzard) that can't handled before start acctivities.
  4. Unsafe act, some worker do unsafe act at work place.
How to prevent finger injury ?
  1. Use personal protective equipment
  2. Use proper hand tool while working
  3. Make some barrier to give alert about hazzard
  4. Safe work zone, there are 3 work zone ( red, yellow, and green). Red zone : > 15 cm from hand, yellow : < 15 cm from hand and green zone : is 15 cm from hand. Always use green zone while working.
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