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Well Construction Process

Drilling Rig - Well construction process
The installation sequence for the components shown on the following drawing is summarized below. This is not intended as a complete procedure, but an explanation of the diagram only
  • The cellar is prepared (onshore).
  • The conductor string is installed by a surface rig or pile driving in preparation for the drilling rig commencing operations.
  • The well isspudded and the wellbore drilled to surface casing depth.
  • The surface casing string is run and cemented into place.
  • A casing head housing (CHH) is attached to the surface casing.
  • Drilling continues to the intermediate casing depth.
  • The intermediate casing string is run and the casing hanger is landed in the CHH.
  • The intermediate casing string is cemented.
  • The casing head spool (CHS) is installed onto the CHH.
  • Drilling continues to the production casing depth.
  • The production casing string is run and the casing hanger landed into the CHS.
  • The production casing string is cemented.
  • The tubing head spool (THS) is made up onto the CHS.
  • The well may be perforated by electric line casing guns, if required at this point (optional).
  • Tubing and completion components are run and spaced out.
  • The tubing hanger is attached to the tubing and landed in the THS.
  • At this point the packers may be set.
  • A back-pressure valve (BPV) is installed in the tubing hanger.
  • The drilling BOP stack is removed and the Christmas tree is nippled up.
If the well was not perforated prior to running the tubing, it may be perforated now using tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) guns or thru-tubing guns run on electric line.
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