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Slickline Surface Equipment : Measuring Device

This article is about measuring device for slickline operation in oil and gas industry. Measuring device placed on slickline winch unit. One of important accessories that should be used when performing any type of wireline / slickline work, whether it is a simple depth measurement, a delicate logging, survey or the setting or retrieving of a special tool, is the measuring device.
Slickline Measuring Device
Slickline Measuring Device
The reason for its importance is that, in order to perform any type of wireline work safely and efficiently the operator must know at all times the location of his tools or instrument in relation to the well head or reference point (zero).
A measuring wheel exist foe each wire diameter and may be calibrated in feet or meters. A corresponding counter is used with the measuring wheel; calibrated in feet or meters.
On the flopetrol type of measuring wheel, the diameter of the wire and the units of measurement are marked on the rim. When changing diameters of wire, it is only necessary to change this rim; similarly when changing the units of measurement. Quick check for depth meter (counter).
0.5 revolution = 1 foot
1.6 revolution = 1 meter
For stranded line (") flopetrol manufacturers a special measuring device where the wire does not pass around the measuring wheel but is held against it by pressure wheels.

There are many type and product of measuring device, for example : asep, elmar, otis, haliburton, baker oil tool, etc.
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