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Stuffing Box Operational Checks

In preparing for use, the following stuffing box checks should be carried out:

  • Check the packing condition. If the packing nut is near the lower end of its movement, there may not be sufficient adjustment remaining to apply the packing compression force required to maintain a seal throughout the intended operation.
  • Check the sheave diameter is the correct size for the line in use (10 in. for 0.092 in. or 15 in. for 0.108 in.).
  • Check the upper and lower brass packing glands for wear. If worn or oversize, they should be replaced, since worn glands allow the wire to cut the packing faster.
  • Check the sheave wheel and bearings for free spinning and side play. The sheave should not touch the sides of the support arms. Excessive free-play also leads to a worn upper gland and subsequent reduction in packing life.
  • Check the alloy side arms for damage from side play in the sheave wheel. The complete sheave staff should be replaced if cutting/wearing action has occurred on the inside of these arms.
  • Check the sheave staff for freedom of swivel movement. It is essential that the sheave follow the wire direction during rig-up or the wire can jump out of the groove and be damaged.
  • Check the sheave guard is tight and adjusted close to the sheave to ensure it will trap the line in the event of a line break.
  • Check the BOP plunger for wear and freedom of vertical movement.
hydraulic stuffing box
Hydraulic Stuffimg Box

Keeping the line oiled while running into the wellbore can extend the life of the packing. The choice of packing is also important. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate material to suit the field conditions encountered.
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