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Slickline Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

Description Slickline BOP

A slickline BOP (also known as a wireline valve) is generally installed between the tree connection and lower lubricator section. The BOP provides facilities for contingency and emergency procedures and must be included in all rig-ups.

The only exceptions by which a BOP is not rigged up next to the tree connection are:

  • When installing or retrieving BPVs (back pressure valves) and there is a possibility of the toolstring remaining across the Christmas tree valves, the BOPs can then be mounted above the lower lubricator section. Check that this provides sufficient length to close the rams on the wire, i.e., above the rope socket.
  • When running and pulling an SCSSV or a slickline retrievable BPV, the BOP can be positioned above the first section of the lubricator. Alternatively, a second BOP can be placed immediately below the stuffing box. This provides a means of isolating the well pressure and recovering the tools if the wire breaks at the rope socket and the tools drop across the Christmas tree valves.
Slickline dual ram BOP
Slickline Dual Ram BOP

The primary purposes of the BOP are to:

  • Enable the well pressure to be isolated without cutting the wire by closing the master valve.
  • Provide access for the assembly of a slickline cutter above the BOP rams.
  • Allow a wireline cutter to be prepared and dropped if the toolstring becomes stuck in the well.
  • Enable ‘stripping’ of the wire through closed rams, only when necessary
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