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How to Spooling Slickline Wire


Spooling Slickline

Spooling slickline wire is one of most important thing to do in slickline operation. Why we have to spooling slickline wire in correctly ? To enable the slickline to achieve an optimal life expectancy, it is important to spool slickline correctly.
  • Tension - Approximately 300 lb (150 kg) of tension is recommended during spooling, to prevent the line cutting down into the drum under load when in use.
  • Bedding Layers - Carefully aligned wraps of wire are recommended to provide a firm base and give an indication of the wire low level.
  • Curvature - The natural curve of the line, as shipped, should be maintained as it is spooled onto the drum.
spooling slickline wire
Spooling Slickline Wire
While spooling slickline wire we have to counting the lenght of wire and record it in a wire record form. In this form contain the all information about slickline wire, i.e : manufactured, type of wire, size of wire, material, lenght of wire, wire testing result, etc.
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