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Unexpected, Indonesian opinion about chevron's international ad campaign

The one of world largest oil and gas company, Chevron makes an advertising campaign at the moment we often see in the Electronic media, online media, newspapers, even in radio. But what about the Indonesian community feedback regarding these ads?
Oil and gas company Chevron international ads in Indonesia
Chevron ads from Indonesian news paper

Indonesian Opinion about Chevron

In one of the Indonesian news website Resa Raditio said negative opinions about the ad campaign. He said :
Because, Chevron is an American company that is prone to conflict (remember the anti-American terrorism?). So Chevron must realize the image that its presence in Indonesia is very beneficial for the people of Indonesia, that he gave employment to thousands of families, that he gave renewable energy.
Then Resa Raditio also mentioned in the post that he wrote that Chevron is the enemy of environmentalists.
Remember, Chevron has the 'enemies' of the environmentalists, because Chevron Field location in protected forests. Remember, Chevron has a 'debt' because the width of the gap between the community and the welfare of employees of Chevron.
Ashwin Pulungan, a contributor of also have a negative opinion about chevron's ads campaign.
Ads are shown only to built a positive perception for a company that has long been in Indonesia. Companies are PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia, or formerly known as Caltex Pacific Indonesia  and Uncalled Indonesian
Ad campaign certainly has its own purpose and message embedded in it. But so is the response of Indonesia on an advertising campaign that promoted by Chevron, one of the largest oil and gas company in the world.

Alert message : This article was made without any bad intent and purpose. If there are words in this article are not acceptable. Please contact us
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