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Oil and Gas History in Indonesia

Oil and Gas History in Indonesia
Petroleum became known by the Indonesian people start medieval. Acehnese people use oil to light a fire ball while fighting the Portuguese fleet. The development of modern oil and gas in Indonesia began when the first drilling conducted in 1871, which is in the village of Maja, Majalengka, West Java, by Dutch businessman named January Reerink. However, the results are not in accordance with the diharapkandan finally closed.
The first discovery of oil resources in Indonesia occurred in 1883 that oil field and Ponds Three Ponds near Pangkalan Brandan Said by a Dutchman named AG Zeijlker. This discovery was followed by another discovery, namely in Pangkalan Brandan and Ponds Single. Telaga Said Field discovery by Zeijlker became the first capital of an oil company now known as Shell. At the same time, also found Ledok oil field in Cepu, Central Java, Black Oil near Muara Enim, South Sumatra, and the cascade of Kiwa in the Sanga-Sanga, Borneo.

Towards the end of the 19th century there were 18 foreign companies to conduct operations in Indonesia. In 1902 founded a company called Koninklijke Petroleum Maatschappij then denganShell Transport Trading Company merged into one called The Asiatic Petroleum Company or Shell Petroleum Company. In 1907 there stood Shell Group consisting of BPM, ie Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij and Anglo Saxon. At that time in East Java also there is a company that is Dordtsche Petroleum Maatschappij but was later taken over by BPM

In 1912, American oil companies began to enter Indonesia. First formed company N.V. Standard Vacuum Petroleum Maatschappij or abbreviated SVPM. The company has branches in South Sumatra with the name NVNKPM (Koloniale Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij) which after the war of independence changed to PT STANVAC Indonesia. The company found a field pavilion in 1921 which is the largest oil field in Indonesia at that time.

To counter the American company, the Dutch government set up a joint venture between the government and BPM ie Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij Aardolie. In the next development after World War 2, the company was changed to PT Permindo and in 1968 became P.T. Pertamina.
[post_ad] In 1920 the two companies entered a new America, Standard Oil of California and Texaco. Then, in 1930 the two companies formed NVNPPM (Nederlandsche Pacific Petroleum Mij) and transformed into PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, now P.T. Chevron Pacific Indonesia. The company held a large-scale exploration in central Sumatra and in 1940 discovered the field Sebanga followed the next year in 1941 found the Duri field. In the company's concession area, in 1944 the Japanese army Minas giant field that was drilled again by Caltex in 1950.

In 1935 to explore oil in Irian Jaya formed joint venture between BPM, NPPM, and NKPM named N.N.G.P.M. (Nederlandsche Nieuw Guinea Petroleum Mij) with exploration rights for 25 years. The result in 1938 was found Klamono oil field and followed by field Wasian, Mogoi, and Sele. However, because the results are considered not mean the end diseraterimakan the SPCO and then taken over by Pertamina in 1965.

After the war of independence in the age of revolution, 1945-1950 physically took over the oil installations by the Indonesian government. In 1945 established P.T. National Oil People who in 1954 became North Sumatra Oil Mining company. In 1957 established P.T. Permina by Col. Ibnu Sutowo which later became PN Permina in 1960. In 1959, NIAM transformed into P.T. Permindo then in 1961 changed again to PN Pertamin. At that time also has stood in Central Java and East Java PTMRI (Petroleum Mining Company of the Republic of Indonesia) to PN Permigan and after tahun1965 taken over by PN Permina.

In 1961 the foreign concession system was abolished to be replaced by a contract system works. SPCO in 1964 handed over to P.M. Permina. 1965 was an important moment for a new history in the development of the Indonesian oil industry bought the entire wealth of BPM - Shell Indonesia by P.N. Permina. In the implemented contract for the results (production sharing) which states that the whole of Indonesia is the concession area PN Permina and P.N. Pertamin. Foreign companies can only move as a contractor with oil production no longer paying royalties.

Since 1967, large-scale exploration conducted both on land and at sea by the PN Pertamin and P.N. Pertamina, along with foreign contractors. P.N. 1968 Pertamin and P.N. Permina merged into P.N. Pertamina and became the sole national oil company. In 1969 found that offshore oil field named Arjuna near Pemanukan in West Java. Not long after it was discovered the oil field Jatibarang by Pertamina. Now, the company is proud of our preparing to become an international company.
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