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How to Estimating Diameter Size of Distilation Tower

Oil and gas refinery facility - There are so many question came from IndustriMigas follower about how to estimating diameter size of distilation tower at refinery production facilities. Estimating diameter size of distillation tower in oil and gas refinery facility is the most important step to design a distillation tower. Detail steps of estimating diameters size of distillation coloumn are :
How to calculate distillation tower diameter
Illustration Distillation Tower, doc.

Calculate Liquid – Vapor Flow Parameter

To calculate liquid – vapour flow parameter (FLV) using this formula:
Liquid - Vapor Flow Parameter Formula

Where :
WL    = mass rate liquid per unit area, lb/ hr
Wv    = mass rate vapor per unit area, lb / hr
ρv     = density vapor ,lb/ft3
ρL     = density liquid, lb/ft3

Calculate Corrected CSB

To calculate Corrected CSB using this formula:
Calculate Corrected CSB formula

Where :

σ      = actual interfacial tension (mN/m2)

Calculate Vapor Velocity (UN) 

To calculate vapor velocity using this formula:
Calculate vapor velocity

Calculate Net Area

 To calculate net area of distillation tower using this formula :

Net Area of distilation tower

Where :

AN     = Net area for vapor flow

CFS   = volumetric rate of vapor, ft3/sec

FF        = floading factor , umumnya diambil 80 % atau 0.8

Calculate Total Tower Area (AT)

 To calculate total tower area of distillation tower using this formula :
Total tower area of distilation tower
down comer area of distilation tower
total tower area of distilation tower

Where :

AD  = downcomer area, ft2.

Calculate Diameter Tower (DT)

 After calculate all of parameter above we can calculate Diameter of Distilation Tower using this formula :
Diameter tower formula of distilation tower (refinery facility)

Maximum clear liquid velocities in down comer*.

Foaming Tendency
Clear Liquid Velocity, ft/sec
18 in
24 in
30 in
Low press. (<100 psia).Light HC. Stabilizer. air-water simulator
Oil system. crude oil distillation. mid press. (100-300 psia) HC
Amine. glycerine. glycols. high press. (>300 psia). light HC

Note : * Source “Distillation Operation. Henry Z. Kister”
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