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Safety Rules of Snubbing Operation on Oil and Gas Well

Safety rules of snubbing operation are :

  • Personal climbing to or working at a height from which a fall could be dangerous, should wear safety hardness or other equivalent equipment.
  • The work basket should be equipped with an emergency escape system which will enable personal to reach the ground at some distance from the well but not at a dangerous speed.
  • Periodic escape routes should be simple.
  • If snubbing unit is rigged up on a well, where stripper only is being used, each BOP should be opened / closed at least once every three days to prevent corrosion or formation of deposits around the rams.
Safety helmet and hand gloves
Safety First

  • In a gas well situation, the following additional equipment is highly recommended :

  1. Guide tubes for all the necessary size if workstring to prevent buckling during the light phase.
  2. Injection of grease between the 2 rubbers of the stripping bowl lubricates the workstring allows to work in a safer way and reduces the time spent in snubbing with the ram to ram technique.
  3. There must be a hole open between lower stripper and BOP to prevent pressure build up at stripper.
  4. A choke (usually 1/4") is to be fitted in equalizing loop to reduce the stress encountered during the operation.
  5. All BOP wing valves should be doubled, the second ones is for back up.
  6. BOP stack must include shear and blind rams.
  • If a job cannot be terminated before night, the following procedure should be implemented to keep the snubbing unit and well "safe" overnight.
  1. Positive mechanical locking of the BOP rams after they have been closed hydraulically.
  2. Bleed off pressure between BOP's.
  3. Bleed off pressure from stripper bowl only the stripping BOP will be closed, locked and bled off as above. The safety BOP will only be used in case of a leak through the stripping BOP.
  4. Close all slips bowl and mechanically lock using an appropriate system.

  • Periodically check and grease (special bitumen grease) the cables.
  • Never use stripper rubber when using stripping BOP's.

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